This Clinical Study Shows Ayahuasca’s Rapid Antidepressant Effects in Treatment-Resistant Depression

Aug 6, 2023

Key Findings:

  • Ayahuasca demonstrated significant antidepressant effects in treatment-resistant depression patients across several assessment periods.
  • MADRS scores for the ayahuasca group were notably lower than the placebo group on the 1st, 2nd, and 7th day post-dosing.
  • By the 7th day, response rates in the ayahuasca group were significantly higher than the placebo group (64% vs. 27%).

The ongoing quest for effective treatments for depression has led researchers down various paths. A recent randomized placebo-controlled trial published in Psychol Med shines a spotlight on the potential therapeutic benefits of ayahuasca, a traditional South American psychedelic brew, in treating treatment-resistant depression.

The Study

A team of researchers led by Fernanda Palhano-Fontes et al. embarked on a double-blind study with 29 patients diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression. The subjects were administered either a single dose of ayahuasca or a placebo, with the aim of assessing shifts in depression severity over a short period post-dosing.

Measuring Depression Severity

To evaluate the changes in depression severity, the team utilized the Montgomery-Åsberg Depression Rating Scale (MADRS) and the Hamilton Depression Rating scale. These evaluations took place before the dosing and then on the 1st, 2nd, and 7th days afterward.

Observations and Results

The outcomes were promising. Ayahuasca exhibited significant antidepressant properties compared to the placebo at all recorded time intervals. Specifically, MADRS scores were lower in the ayahuasca group than in the placebo group on days 1 and 2 post-dosing. By the 7th day, the difference was even more pronounced.

Effect sizes, which show the magnitude of the treatment’s effect, increased progressively from Day 1 to Day 7. Additionally, by Day 7, 64% of the participants in the ayahuasca group responded positively to the treatment, while only 27% in the placebo group showed a similar response. There was also a noticeable trend towards remission by the 7th day in the ayahuasca group.


This research marks one of the first controlled trials to explore the therapeutic effects of a psychedelic substance on treatment-resistant depression. The outcomes suggest that, when administered correctly and in the appropriate setting, ayahuasca might offer significant therapeutic value for treating depression.

Looking Ahead

With mounting evidence pointing to the potential benefits of psychedelics in mental health treatment, it’s essential to continue rigorous research in this area. If further studies validate these findings, ayahuasca could join the arsenal of treatments available for those grappling with depression, providing hope and relief to many.

Reference: Palhano-Fontes, F. et al. (2019). Rapid antidepressant effects of the psychedelic ayahuasca in treatment-resistant depression: a randomized placebo-controlled trial. Psychol Med, 49(4), 655-663.

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