“Raise your voice, we have the choice, to heal this land, to heal this life.

A significant challenge

OMMIJ is the most popular and trusted provider of ayahuasca and plant medicine ceremonies in the World. Since 2011, the Healing Centre in the Netherlands and Spain has been home to more than 40.000 like-minded and open-minded people from over 76 countries. It is the place for everyone who wants to experience safe, therapeutic Ayahuasca ceremonies. Our ceremonies have proven to reveal participants’ personal and spiritual potential and enable deep healing.

Throughout the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we, the OMMIJ community, have kept the flame of hope alive, ensuring that those in search of Plant Medicine do not lose their way. Today, we face a significant challenge that threatens our beloved Be Free Retreat Centre in Spain.

Our community, our sanctuary, our home – Be Free Retreat Centre – is facing the risk of fading away, like the echoes of a song lost in the wind. But we have the choice to let our collective voice be heard, to keep the melody of our tribe alive. As we navigate this storm, I, the founder of this community, reach out to all our Spain Retreat members with an invitation to keep the spirit of OMMIJ alive. You have the opportunity to invest in the Be Free Retreat Centre, ensuring its survival and longevity. By doing so, you help preserve our sacred space, with the potential to earn returns from future events and workshops.

We offer you an interesting investment plan, to help us continue to spread love and spirituality through Be-Free Spain. Meanwhile also giving back to you with investment several tiers and returns.

Investment Requirements

To maintain our current location, we need to raise a total of €150.000. This sum will cover the property costs for the next three years, calculated based on a yearly expenditure of €50.000. Please note, this figure does not include utilities, insurance, and maintenance costs, which will be covered by the Centre’s regular operations.

Investment Tiers

We offer 2 types of investments, a Monetary and a Non-monetary with tiers:


Bronze: €500
Recognition on our Centre’s Wall of Supporters who kept Be Free Retreat Center alive

Silver: €1,000
Recognition as above + Free access to 2 free ceremonies NL or a voucher to giveaway as a gift

Gold: €5,000
Recognition as above + 5 ceremonies NL/or 1x 5 day Retreat Spain, valid for 5 years & you can bring a friend, or vouchers to giveaway as a gift

Platinum: €10,000 and above
Recognition on our wall of supporters & unlimited ceremonies, valid for 5 years


For those wishing to earn a monetary return, we offer a max. 10%** annual return for a minimum investment of €2,000 maintained for 5 years.
This means you will receive €200 per year, and after 5 years, you will receive your initial €2,000 back.

** please feel free to help us, with a lower % annual return of your choice.

Return on Investment

Non-monetary: We provide various benefits in our investment tiers. Your investment will significantly contribute to preserving a vital community resource.

Monetary: We guarantee your returns and the return of your initial investment at the end of the 5- year term unless the Centre faces bankruptcy.

Investment Timeline

We aim to secure the necessary funds within the next three months, and we will begin offering the benefits of each investment tier immediately upon receipt of your contribution.

Risk Management

We have identified potential risks, including lower than expected event attendance. Our mitigation strategy includes extensive outreach and marketing efforts, bolstered by an emergency fund set aside for unforeseen costs.

Exit Strategy

Should an investor wish to withdraw their investment, we will work with them to create a reimbursement plan, spread over a certain period, contingent on the Centre’s financial health.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Our legal advisors ensure our investment plan adheres to all local laws and regulations. We respectfully ask that any investment you make should not be funds needed back in the short term, as this could create complications.

Community Engagement

To honor your support and love for this sacred place, we will host a special joint ceremony for all community investors. This event will serve to strengthen our bonds and acknowledge the vital role you play in our community. Additionally, we will hold bi-annual meetings, both in-person and via video conference, to keep our investors apprised of the Centre’s progress and address any pertinent issues.

How to Invest

If you are interested in this investment opportunity, please fill out the form below and include the amount you wish to invest. We will respond with further instructions and the necessary details for your preferred payment method.

Your support is invaluable, and we appreciate any contribution you can make to secure the future of our Be Free Retreat Centre. We are open to discussing any part of this plan with you and eagerly look forward to the opportunity of strengthening our community together.

Investment in Ayahuasca Centre

Thank you

Remember, “Many tribes of a modern kind, doing brand new work same spirit by side. Joining hearts and hands and ancestral twine, ancestral twine.” We understand that not everyone can contribute financially, and that’s perfectly okay. Every form of support, be it your time, skills, or simply your prayers and positive energy, contributes to the vibrancy and survival of our Be Free Retreat Centre.

Thank you for being an integral part of our OMMIJ Ayahuasca Tribe. Your consideration to aid in our collective future is deeply appreciated. “Soldier on, soldier on my good countrymen. Keep fighting for your children now, keep fighting for your land.” Together, we will continue our spiritual journey.
In love and unity. We stand united in our journey, a tribe bound by the transformative power of Plant Medicine.

With warm greetings, all the love and a deep bow,
Ramon Geurts
Founder OMMIJ