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Your journey to deep and holistic healing begins at OMMIJ

OMMIJ is the most popular and trusted provider of ayahuasca and plant medicine ceremonies in the World. Since 2011, the Healing Centre in the Netherlands and Spain has been home to more than 40.000 like-minded and open-minded people from over 76 countries. It is the place for everyone who wants to experience safe, therapeutic Ayahuasca ceremonies. Our ceremonies have proven to reveal participants’ personal and spiritual potential and enable deep healing


We work with this Master Teacher Plant in a therapeutic environment to (re)connect with your true, authentic self, to expand your consciousness and activate your potential enabling personal and spiritual growth. This sacred Plant Medicine brings your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional reality together in harmony and leads you to deep, holistic healing.

San pedro

We work with the San Pedro cactus to heal inner disorders. Through the patient wisdom of this sacred plant medicine, you find peace and calm and feel at one with creation again. San Pedro helps to strengthen the bonds between people and creates unity with yourself, with other people, with the natural world and with all of existence in general.


We usually use Kambo in preparation for an ayahuasca or San Pedro ceremony. Kambo is the secretion of an Amazonian frog and is one of the strongest natural sources to boost the immune system. Thanks to its unique antibiotic and antiviral properties, this purifying detoxifier has gained fame as a powerful treatment for chronic pain, mental illness and addiction.

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How does a satisfying healing experience work?


To have a safe, fulfilling and healing experience and get the most benefit from working with Ayahuasca and San Pedro medicine, it is important that you prepare yourself timely and carefully. We will introduce you to the proper Plant Medicine diet and show you how to integrate your body, mind and spirit in your preparation to have a successful journey to healing and transformation.


Integration has proven to be the key for participants to move from a transformative experience, to a transformed life. That is why at OMMIJ, we have a strong focus on integration applications. We provide support, knowledge, tools and a community so that you take the lessons and insights gained during your Ayahuasca and Plant Medicine experience and put them into practice in your daily life once you return home.


Find out what our participants think of their fascinating healing experiences at OMMIJ. A whopping 87.5% of our participants place the Ayahuasca ceremony at OMMIJ in the top 5 most meaningful experiences of their lives. And an astonishing 80.2% say that their well-being and joy in life has greatly increased as a result of their Ayahuasca ceremony at OMMIJ.

When is the right time for your ayahuasca ceremony?

Do you feel stuck in your life? Are you struggling with yourself, other people and your job? Are you wondering what your true calling is? Ayahuasca will probably help you. This psychoactive form of Plant Medicine is one of the most powerful tools available to humanity. At OMMIJ, anyone can experience ayahuasca in a safe and therapeutic environment. If you want to develop your consciousness, heal your emotional wounds and live a healthy life that is full of love and in which you have a clear purpose – then NOW is your time.