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Mensen die Kambo-therapie ondergaan bij Ommij.
Nachtzicht op Ommij Healing Centre, met zacht gloeiend licht dat de serene omgeving verlicht.

Just as important as the physical preparation, is the emotional and mental cleansing you do in the time before the ceremony. A journey with ayahuasca or San Pedro is energy work. The plants will raise your energy to give you a spiritual breakthrough – and the purer your energy is already when you meet the energy of the plant, the greater your chances of experiencing a breakthrough. Here’s what you can do beforehand.

Reduce your consumption of news and social media

News is 99% bad news, filled with pessimism and misery. Most of all, they do not inform you but cause fear and a negative worldview. If you want to inform yourself, ask a friend what the latest news is, but don’t exploit yourself to the images and negativity they cause. Social media was meant to connect us with friends, family and like-minded people, but for many people it has become a pure distraction from their real lives and a separation from their real friends. If you want to connect with friends, get out there, meet them in person and spend some quality time that boosts your energy.

Try to avoid sexual activity with yourself and others

How you handle this is of course up to you personally, but we recommend avoiding sexual activity, including masturbation, for three days before and after your ceremony. Here’s why: sexual energy is your strongest life force. When you orgasm, this life force explodes outwards from your body, sending the energy either to your partner or out into the ether. As good as it feels, this can deplete your reservoir of available energy, reduce your ability to stay powerful during the medicine work, and thus hinder the effectiveness of the plants to teach and guide you.

Avoid negative people

Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negative people. Your energy goes up, you are more content and happier. Avoiding them doesn’t mean you hate them, it just means you respect yourself.

Stop gossiping

Unfortunately, gossiping has become the main form of communication in the media and our society. Our ego loves negative gossip because we feel better about ourselves when we see other people suffering and making the same mistakes as us: misery loves company. Avoid speaking ill of others. Use the power of your words towards truth and love. Realise that your ego is not your amigo. Hurting others will always hurt you too. Keep your energy clean.

Find your true self and become free again.

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