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San Pedro


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Spiritual ceremony at Ommij Healing Centre: People seated in a circle, taking part in a ritual with candles and crystals for healing and spiritual growth.
Ommij Healing Centre ceremony: Individuals gathered in a circle, engaging in a sacred ceremony with candles and healing crystals.


For many people today, their lives have become inauthentic due to the homogenising and destabilising effects of modernity. People feel forced into inauthentic roles that separate them from their true self, emotions, spiritual life, truth and purpose. The result of that separation often manifests itself in addictions, mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, or stress-induced physical illnesses and other chronic conditions. While modern medicine treats the physical causes of diseases and the symptoms, it does not address the emotional, energetic and spiritual roots that cause these diseases.

At OMMIJ, we believe that deep holistic healing can only be achieved when the individual reconnects with their true self and when the healing process encompasses body, mind, spirit and soul. Therefore, we use psychoactive plant medicine such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro and traditional healing methods such as Kambo that can heal and boost physical and mental well-being.

Ceremony at Ommij Healing Centre: People gathered in a serene setting, engaging in a healing ceremony.


We work with this Master Teacher Plant in a therapeutic environment to (re)connect with your true, authentic self, to expand your consciousness and activate your potential enabling personal and spiritual growth. This sacred Plant Medicine brings your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional reality together in harmony and leads you to deep, holistic healing.

A close-up image of a green cactus plant with spiky needles and a textured surface

San pedro.

We work with the San Pedro cactus to heal inner disorders. Through the patient wisdom of this sacred Plant Medicine, you find peace and calm and feel at one with creation again. San Pedro helps to strengthen the bonds between people and creates unity with yourself, with other people, with the natural world and with all of existence in general.

Kambo ceremony at Ommij Healing Centre traditional healing treatment.


We usually use Kambo in preparation for an Ayahuasca or San Pedro ceremony. Kambo is the secretion of an Amazonian frog and is one of the strongest natural sources to boost the immune system. Thanks to its unique antibiotic and antiviral properties, this purifying detoxifier has gained fame as a powerful treatment for chronic pain, mental illness and addiction.

Plant medicine

Some of the most powerful healing tools available to humanity.

Plant medicine is an herbal medicine that has been used by indigenous healers for thousands of years to induce transcendent and non-ordinary states of consciousness. Such states enable people to open communication channels to their subconscious inner landscapes, experience personal and spiritual breakthroughs, heal emotional wounds, gain a deep sense of meaning and connection, and ultimately become whole and healed again.

At OMMIJ, we offer the chance to experience a variety of medicines and ancient techniques to help you find what is best for you. We have guided healing journeys for more than 50.000 from around the world and helped them reclaim health in all aspects of their lives. If you want to kickstart your unique healing process and experience plant medicine in a safe, therapeutic context - join one of our ceremonies in the Netherlands or retreats in Spain.



San Pedro