Also known as the Medicine, the Vine and the Mother


San Pedro


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Mensen rusten uit na ceremonie bij Ommij Healing Centre.
Mensen zitten in een kamer tijdens een kambo-ceremonie bij Ommij Healing Center

What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca – also known as the Medicine, the Vine and the Mother – is a herbal tea that has been used for medical and spiritual purposes by various Amazonian tribes for at least 4,500 years. Ayahuasca tea can be prepared in different ways. It is an entheogenic remedy, meaning it puts you in touch with your own soul. The active ingredients in the tea are DMT (N, N-Dimethyltryptamine) – also known as the “spirit molecule” – and MAO inhibitors (Monoamine oxidase inhibitors).

Thanks to the unique combination of ingredients, this medical tea has amazing spiritual and medicinal effects. Ayahuasca actually affects the central nervous system, leading to an altered state of consciousness that can include mystical, transcendental experiences. In addition, the tea purifies your physical body, mind and spiritual connections.

The popularity of ayahuasca has grown rapidly in the last decade. More and more people swear by the healing effects and refined mental abilities it offers them. OMMIJ is proud to have been at the forefront of bringing this holistic medicine to modern societies in Europe. And that it has helped thousands of people heal from physical and psychological ailments. Ayahuasca has also helped these people break their addictions, experience personal and spiritual transformation, heal deep emotional wounds and ultimately begin to lead healthy, purposeful and goal-oriented lives.

You too can experience the miraculous effects of ayahuasca, during one of our therapeutic healing ceremonies in the Netherlands or at our retreat in Spain – The ceremonies always take place in a safe environment and under the guidance of experienced practitioners of ayahuasca.

How does ayahuasca work

About 30 minutes after drinking the ayahuasca tea, you feel the psychoactive ingredient DMT. The effect can last for about five hours. You experience a broadening of your consciousness, increased sensitivity of all senses and temporary visual effects. Some participants feel euphoria and deep wonder, while others experience a sense of anxiety.

This is why at OMMIJ we also call ayahuasca ‘the medicine of duality’. It heals by creating deep experiences of contrasts, such as fear and love, darkness and light, resistance and surrender. Ayahuasca allows you to see all aspects of your being and helps you integrate your shadows, because they are a part of you. During the ceremony, you may experience temporary nausea. You might vomit or get diarrhoea. This is a normal and natural side effect of the powerful cleansing process. It is the physical manifestation of the release of negative energies and emotional blockages.

Ayahuasca is not a healer.
You are

Ayahuasca itself is not healing. She is a consciousness enhancer. She opens you to a different perspective; a more expansive view of yourself, your community and your world. She enables you to understand your true nature, your patterns and your fears. She gives you guidance in this and shows you how to heal yourself when you are ready and open to it. She shows you the gateway to your subconscious. If you walk through it, then magic can unfold. If you are brave, then you will grow and heal. And always remember: everything you want is on the other side of fear.

Ayahuasca is the gateway to your subconscious

The deep inner journey you experience with ayahuasca proved to be the gateway to the subconscious for many. During a ceremony, for example, you (may) get clarity about things from the past that bother you in the present. You can (re)experience, process and release unconscious, charged emotions. Ayahuasca tackles the root cause of your problems and limiting beliefs and helps you detach from them.

You may come to an ayahuasca ceremony with certain questions and intentions, but this does not automatically mean that these issues will come back to you during your journey. Ayahuasca knows exactly what you need in that moment and she will bring to the surface the things that are important to you. Things that your subconscious mind, body and soul are looking for in order to become whole and heal again.

Find your true self and become free again

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Ayahuasca is the Master Teacher Plant. It offers a profound revision of your view of reality. This is something you have to experience for yourself. You don’t learn it in books or because someone tells you to believe it. Ayahuasca makes you aware of who you really are. You experience your true self. You discover what you were like before you were connected to what you were exactly not: the roles and identities the world gave you and to which you so desperately cling.

Ayahuasca allows you to see your true self, without your mask, your work, your money, your possessions and your addictions. This experience goes deeper than regular therapy because the things you are attached to, without being aware of them, can be revealed during your journey. What you believed to be true may suddenly turn out to be very different. Seeing your true self is the answer. Therein lies the possibility of liberation and empowerment: becoming yourself again and remembering who you always were.

The truth about
The Awakening

You don’t need a guru or a shaman

The great power and magic of ayahuasca is that it leads to a temporary “dissolution” of your ego, followed by a merging with the universe, nature or other people. You see, you feel and you know that this experience has the status of revealed truth. For you, it is not just an opinion, it is objectively true. But be humble. Know that it is the truth, but it is your truth. Others may also see the truth, but that is their truth.

That is the great, liberating power of ayahuasca: the truth is within yourself and all other beings, and to see that truth you don’t need a guru, shaman or messiah. You are already connected to the divine source of creation. You are not the chosen one. We all are. Once you understand this, it gives you peace, love and gratitude for yourself, all beings and for life. Finding this truth within yourself is what many call their “awakening”.


Ayahuasca is a medicine,

Ayahuasca is NOT a drug. It is not addictive and not meant for party or escape behaviour. It is a medicine. It does not suppress anything, but rather brings everything to the surface. So instead of running away, face your difficult emotions and your physical pain. And through that, you can work through them.

Ayahuasca is energy work. You begin to heal and experience becoming whole again. If you are still sceptical, read these research findings from the healing powers of Ayahuasca. Studies show that Ayahuasca is healing for an astonishing number of physical and mental ailments.

For whom
Is ayahuasca suitable?

Ayahuasca is used to (re)connect with your true, authentic self. It expands your consciousness and enables personal and spiritual growth. This sacred Plant Medicine can harmonise your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional realities and lead to deep, holistic healing.


  • You want to find your true self, stop being dependent and get rid of limiting beliefs.
  • You want to overcome blockages or other negative emational patterns
  • You want to evolve your consciousness and become more authentic, real and raw.
  • You want to connect with your creative energy and lead a self-determined life in full alignment with your truth.
  • You want to tackle the root cause of your depression, trauma or addiction and eventually heal from it.
  • You want to regain control of your life and accelerate your personal and spiritual growth.
  • You want to experience profound awe and universal love with yourself and all of creation.
  • You want to awaken to your full potential and lead a more healthy and purposeful life.

Who is ayahuasca NOT suitable for?

You should not use Ayahuasca together with certain antidepressants and other sedatives. This can be life-threatening. Narcotics, alcohol and medicines are contraindications and should not be combined with Ayahuasca.


  • If you suffer from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, psychosis, borderline or certain other mental disorders.
  • If you have or have had any of the following illnesses or conditions: severe kidney disease, unstable diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, severe neurological disorders, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases such as angina pectoris, strokes and CVAs, an existing or expected pheochromocytoma (a tumour of the adrenal glands), blood dyscrasias (abnormal cells), hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland) and certain liver disorders.
  • If you take antidepressants (you should stop taking them 4-8 weeks before your ceremony).
  • If you take painkillers, sleeping pills or products for migraines and allergies (you should stop taking these 3 to 6 days before your ceremony).
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • If you want to combine alcohol or drugs like cocaine, amphetamine, MDMA, etc. with Ayahuasca.
  • If you mistake Ayahuasca for a recreational drug and just want to party.

IMPORTANT:: Before booking your ceremony, be sure to check the “Medical and Safety Guidelines for the Intake of Ayahuasca and San Pedro (Huachuma)” From OMMIJ read and approve. There you will find a detailed list of contraindications and substances, medicines and drugs to avoid. You can also read there which medical conditions do not combine well with Ayahuasca and San Pedro.

Ayahuasca ceremony

Ayahuasca should always be used in a respectful ceremony

Only within this setting can it develop its full potential and reveal its secret. OMMIJ offers you a safe place to truly experience the healing powers of this Master Teacher Plant. We work with a therapeutic approach where the focus is on your experience and undiminished encounter with the Plant Spirit.


Our ceremony begins with a short prayer to Mother Ayahuasca and sharing your intention. After drinking the Ayahuasca tea, you lie on a comfortable mattress with your eyes closed. You are carried by carefully selected music. Ayahuasca normally works for 4 to 5 hours. An Ayahuasca ceremony is not nothing. It is profound energy work. Besides being enlightening, it can also be quite confronting and challenging. It’s important to be aware of that. An Ayahuasca ceremony is about faith, submission, acceptance and letting go. It is impossible to predict what events, traumas, insights or emotions will surface in your journey, but you will get what you need to heal.

You may get scared during the ceremony, but our experienced and caring guides will accompany you and are always there for you. They will help you release the fears that limit your life and spiritual growth. When you face those fears, they transform and you receive precious gifts from Mother Ayahuasca: strength, freedom and love.

At the end of your Ayahuasca ceremony, you get freshly prepared vegetarian food and can go to sleep. The morning after the ceremony, all participants gather to share and integrate their experiences in their daily lives.

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The preparation and diet for your ayahuasca ceremony

If you want to participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony, it is important to prepare yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This way you get the most benefit from sacred Plant Medicine: Physically: detoxify with a plant-based diet and avoid foods containing tyramines. Emotional and spiritual: stop gossiping, distance yourself from negative people and try to avoid sexual activity. Spiritual: set your intentions, engage in meditation and avoid too many digital distractions.

We recommend starting the plant-based diet at least seven days before drinking Ayahuasca and continuing it for seven days after the last Ayahuasca ceremony. A minimum of three days before and after is needed if the recommended seven days is not feasible. This is because some products can cause nausea or headaches when combined with Ayahuasca.