Book a ceremony in the Netherlands or Spain

At OMMIJ, we guide you safely, respectfully and with passion during Ayahuasca and Plant Medicine ceremonies. We help you find spiritual, mental and physical healing. We are grateful to have already guided tens of thousands of amazing people from all over the world. They have achieved amazing results through our meticulous preparation, the medicine itself and by integrating their journey into their daily lives. Learn how we apply these three pillars in our healing work and what you can do to experience a successful and transformative experience.

Healing Center Netherlands

Ayahuasca Group Ceremonies (€275)
Are being held Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays (max. 12 persons), Fridays and Saturdays (max. 17 persons)

Ayahuasca Private Group Ceremonies (€375)
dedicated to private groups (max. 3 persons) are being held on Mondays

Ayahuasca Private Individual Ceremonies (€ 575)
(only you) are also being held on Mondays

Retreat Spain

5-day Ayahuasca Group Ceremonies (€1295)
Are held from Thursday to Monday.

3-day Ayahuasca Group Ceremonies (€745)
Are held from Thursday to Saturday.

Here you will find all information about our retreats

If you would like to book multiple consecutive ceremonies with us, please consult our calendar.

Then, if necessary, specify the desired dates in the booking form.

Your questions are important to us. We typically respond to emails Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Thank you for your patience outside of these hours.

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