• Profound Healing Journey: OMMIJ Ayahuasca ceremonies provide transformative healing for individuals dealing with trauma, abuse, and deep emotional wounds.
  • Understanding Pain: Recognize painful experiences with compassion and understand they don’t define you or your future.
  • Embrace All Aspects: Accept and integrate all parts of yourself, ensuring no single aspect dominates your internal narrative.
  • Ayahuasca’s Role: Ayahuasca reveals deep insights, helps confront past traumas, and facilitates forgiveness and emotional release.
  • Continuous Growth: Healing is an ongoing process of self-discovery and integration, bringing you closer to your true, authentic self.

A Journey for Healing

In our OMMIJ Ayahuasca Ceremonies and Retreats, we encounter many individuals who are struggling and searching for healing. The journey with Ayahuasca is profound and transformative. The Spirit of Mother Ayahuasca reveals to us how we truly look, both our light and our shadows. She guides us inward, showing us the path back to our true Selves.

Many people who come to us have experienced very unpleasant things in life, including abuse, neglect, trauma, and other deep wounds. These experiences can leave lasting scars that affect every aspect of a person’s being. Common themes among these individuals include feelings of worthlessness, shame, fear, and a sense of being stuck in negative patterns.

Understanding and Transforming Painful Experiences

It’s important to acknowledge and understand that these painful experiences are part of your story, but they do not define who you are. The first step in transforming these experiences is to look at them with compassion and understanding. This means recognizing that while these events were deeply hurtful, they do not have to dictate your future.

Embracing All Parts of Yourself

To achieve true peace and wisdom, it is essential to create enough internal space to allow all parts of yourself to coexist, despite their contradictions. Start by acknowledging every part of yourself. Recognize and make room for all aspects, including your creativity and fear, your dignity and shame, and even the parts of you that are petty, jealous, and ridiculous.

Imagine an internal auditorium where every part of your being has a seat and a voice. No part should be excluded or ignored. Understand that you cannot expel any aspect of yourself. These parts are a permanent part of who you are. Instead, welcome them, give them a place, and acknowledge their presence. Allow each part to have a voice, but do not let any single part dominate the story. You are the director of your internal narrative.

The Role of Ayahuasca in Healing

Ayahuasca is a powerful master tool in this healing process. It works by revealing deep truths and insights, helping you to confront and understand your past traumas. Ayahuasca does not erase these experiences but helps you see them from a different perspective. It shows you that healing is possible and that you can integrate these painful parts into your being in a way that brings peace and wisdom.

Through Ayahuasca, you can learn to forgive—not just others, but also yourself. Forgiveness does not mean condoning the actions that caused you harm, but rather releasing the hold that these experiences have over you. It is about freeing yourself from the burden of anger and resentment, allowing yourself to move forward.

Turning Pain into a Positive Force

By integrating your experiences and understanding them through the lens of Ayahuasca, you can turn your pain into a positive force. This involves:

  1. Acknowledgement: Recognize and accept the experiences that have shaped you.
  2. Compassion: Treat yourself with kindness and compassion, understanding that you did the best you could with the knowledge and resources you had at the time.
  3. Forgiveness: Release the grip of past hurts by forgiving those who caused you pain and forgiving yourself for any self-blame.
  4. Transformation: Use the insights gained from Ayahuasca to transform your pain into wisdom and strength.

The Ongoing Spiral of Growth

Understand that healing is a continuous spiral of growth. Each step you take in embracing yourself and integrating your experiences brings you closer to your true self. Life will continue to present new challenges, but with each cycle, you will gain deeper insights and greater resilience.

Embracing the Journey

While Ayahuasca can facilitate profound healing, it is important to continue the work outside of ceremonies. This means practicing self-compassion, seeking supportive communities, and integrating the lessons learned into your daily life. The combination of Ayahuasca and a commitment to embracing all parts of yourself creates a powerful synergy for ongoing healing and growth.

By following this path, you can find meaning in your struggles and recognize that every experience, whether positive or negative, contributes to your overall growth. The journey of self-discovery and integration is ongoing, and it is through this continuous spiral that we move closer to our true, authentic selves.


I Am.
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