“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?

– Martin Luther King Jr.

An Invitation to Transformative Investment with OMMIJ

Dear Prospective Partners in Transformation,

At OMMIJ, we understand that the true essence of investment transcends the mere exchange of currency. It’s about sowing seeds for a future that harmonizes spiritual wealth with worldly needs, embodying the paradox that by giving, we receive far more in return. As we reach out to you today, it is with the intention to share a vision where monetary contributions are viewed not as transactions, but as transformative acts of faith and channels for universal abundance.

Investing in OMMIJ is an invitation to participate in a journey of profound healing and global transformation. It is a call to those who resonate with our mission—to heal, enlighten, and uplift souls across the world. Your financial support, offered not for interest but as a testament to your belief in universal benevolence, helps us navigate the tangible aspects of our 3D reality. Yet, the return on this investment is measured not in financial gain but in the expansive impact of your generosity.

The Paradox of Giving:

In the universe’s infinite wisdom, it is known that those who give more than they receive are blessed with abundance that transcends material definitions. By choosing to lend your resources to OMMIJ without the expectation of traditional returns, you engage in an exchange with the universe itself. This act of giving over 51% of your energy—whether as help, attention, financial resources, or spiritual commitment—triggers a profound response from the cosmos, rewarding you with unexpected gifts and insights that enrich your life’s journey.


As an investor, you will provide essential financial resources that will help OMMIJ expand its reach and deepen its impact. Investors are key to our long-term sustainability and growth. In return, you will receive a share in the success and growth of OMMIJ, both financially and spiritually.

  • Role: Non-active, providing financial backing.
  • Commitment: Significant financial investment.
  • Benefits: Potential financial returns, spiritual satisfaction, and involvement in a transformative mission.


Sponsors play a crucial role in supporting specific projects, events, or initiatives within OMMIJ. Your sponsorship can be directed towards particular areas such as retreats, educational programs, or infrastructure improvements.

  • Role: Non-active, focused financial support for specific initiatives.
  • Commitment: Financial support for designated projects.
  • Benefits: Recognition for your support, spiritual fulfillment, and the knowledge that your contribution directly impacts specific areas of OMMIJ’s mission.


Contributors are individuals or organizations that wish to support OMMIJ through donations. Every contribution, regardless of size, helps us to continue our work and reach more people in need of healing and transformation.

  • Role: Non-active, general financial support.
  • Commitment: Flexible donation amounts.
  • Benefits: Gratitude from the OMMIJ community, spiritual rewards, and the satisfaction of supporting a meaningful cause.


Benefactors are those who wish to make a substantial, long-term financial commitment to OMMIJ. This could be in the form of endowments, large donations, or ongoing financial support. Benefactors are vital to ensuring the continuity and sustainability of OMMIJ’s mission.

  • Role: Non-active, substantial long-term support.
  • Commitment: Major financial contributions or endowments.
  • Benefits: Deep appreciation, potential naming rights for significant contributions, and a lasting legacy within OMMIJ.

Investment possibilities

For those wishing to earn a monetary return, we can offer an annual return of up to 7% for a minimum investment of €2,500 maintained for either 3, 5 or more years**.

** please reach out to us to discuss the possibilities

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to transparency, integrity, and mutual respect. As a financial partner of OMMIJ, you will receive regular updates on how your contributions are being utilized and the impact they are making. We believe in a partnership built on trust and shared values, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your investment in OMMIJ is both meaningful and rewarding.

A Heartfelt Invitation

As you contemplate this unique opportunity to invest in OMMIJ, understand that your involvement would be cherished not just as a financial endorsement, but as a vital component of our shared spiritual mission. You are not merely funding a project; you are fueling a global shift towards healing and consciousness, helping us weave new tapestries of transformative magic.

Let this be the moment you choose to align your resources with your highest spiritual values, joining a collective endeavor that promises to return gifts of immeasurable value. Together, let’s embrace the universal law of abundance, witnessing how giving freely can open pathways of receiving that we never thought possible.

We invite you to step forward, to contribute to a venture where every dollar is an affirmation of faith in the healing power of generosity and the transformative potential of our collective spirit.

Join us, and let the universe show you the true power of giving.

In gratitude and shared vision,


Next Steps

you are ready to become part of OMMIJ, please contact us to discuss the opportunities further. We are here to answer any questions you may have and to guide you through the process. We are deeply grateful for your interest and support. Together, we can continue the enchanting journey of OMMIJ, weaving new tapestries of healing, transformation, and magic.

If you would like to send an email instead, please reach out to us via:



Investment in OMMIJ Healing Centers

You might have missed the opportunity to become a Shareholder in OMMIJ

We offer unique shareholder opportunities. Whether you prefer an active or non-active role, your involvement can make a significant impact.

Below, you will find a link to explore various ways to support our endeavors through financial and resourceful means. Becoming a shareholder allows you to be part of OMMIJ’s growth and success, with options tailored to your desired level of involvement.

As an active shareholder, you can engage directly with our initiatives, offering your expertise and insights to shape our future. Alternatively, as a non-active shareholder, you can support our mission without daily operational involvement, ensuring our collective vision continues to thrive globally.