My Om-Mij Story Raffle


Participation does not require a purchase. Making a purchase does not enhance your chances of winning.

Who may enter

This Raffle is open to individuals who have attended a ceremony at Om-Mij in the Netherlands or a ceremony at the Be Free Retreat Centers in Spain facilitated by Om-Mij. Entrants must be at least 18 years old as of the date of entry. Those under 18 or otherwise ineligible should refrain from entering the Raffle. Employees, officers, directors, and immediate family members (including parents, children, siblings, and spouses) of Om-Mij, as well as their advertising, promotion, or production agencies, are not eligible to enter the Raffle or claim a prize. The Raffle starts at 7:00 am CEST on 04 October 2023 and concludes at 11:59 pm CEST on 31 October 2023. Entries from regions where such events are prohibited by law will not be considered.
Buitenbeeld van OMMIJ Healing Center
Mensen bij Ommij Healing Centre, die genieten van buitenactiviteiten en contact maken met de natuur voor ontspanning en verjonging.


The “My Om-Mij Story Raffle” (referred to as the “Raffle”) is sponsored by Om-Mij. By registering, you (“entrant”) agree to abide by the terms and conditions (the “Official Raffle Rules”) provided herein.

How to enter

During the Raffle Period, follow these steps to enter the Raffle:

Step 1: Record a testimonial video between 60 seconds to 4 minutes about Your Om-Mij Story. Use a camera or smartphone in horizontal (landscape) mode. Avoid vertical (portrait) mode. Answer these questions:

1. What’s your name and where are you from?
2. When and why did you visit Om-Mij?
3. What motivated you to choose Om-Mij?
4. Describe your experience, focusing on aspects like the Medicine, Location, and Staff.
5. Share your current feelings and insights from your journey.
6. What message would you like to convey to those contemplating an Ayahuasca journey?

Step 2: Submit the video via WeTransfer to Ensure you include your name, email address, and phone number for a chance to win one of the listed prizes. Do not incorporate copyrighted content in your submission without the necessary permissions. Note: The prizes do not cover airfare or other transportation costs.

All steps must be completed within the Raffle Period.

Your Internet Service Provider might charge you for the time, connection, or other related costs. Automated entries, including those generated by script or macro, are not valid. By submitting your video, you grant Om-Mij and its associated agencies the right to use your materials for advertising and promotional purposes.

Entry restrictions

Upon submission, all entries become the property of Om-Mij and its parent or subsidiary companies. Entries must be input manually. Automated entries, including those generated electronically or through bots, will be invalidated.

Winner determination

Multiple winners will be chosen. All prize winners will receive a notification via email and/or phone. By participating, entrants acknowledge and agree to these Official Raffle Rules. Winners will be informed by phone or email within five (5) business days after the draw on 1 November 2023.


– 3x an all-inclusive 5-Day stay at Be Free Retreat Centers in Spain, valued at €1,295. This includes a 4-night shared accommodation, three Ayahuasca ceremonies, and meals. The prize doesn’t cover airfare or transportation and is not available for resale or cash conversion.

– 5x a 2-day Ayahuasca Ceremony for groups (10-18 participants) at Om-Mij in the Netherlands, valued at €550. It includes 2 nights in a shared room, two Ayahuasca ceremonies, and meals. This prize excludes transportation.

– 10x a 1-day Ayahuasca Ceremony for groups (10-18 participants) at Om-Mij in the Netherlands, valued at €275. It includes a 1-night stay in shared accommodation, one Ayahuasca ceremony, and meals.

For non-winners:
– A 50% discount on a ceremony booking if Om-Mij features their entry video on platforms like its official website, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. This discount is applicable to group ceremonies (10-18 participants), excluding individual, duo, private, or small group sessions. The discount cannot be applied to ceremonies booked before the Raffle’s end on 31 October 2023 and is not transferable or redeemable for cash.

– A 25% discount on a 5-Day Spain Retreat booking, barring June to August 2024, if their video is published on platforms like the official website, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

Winners can only claim one prize. The simultaneous claim of a prize and the 25% or 50% discount is not permissible. All expenses not expressly mentioned, including transportation, are the winner’s responsibility. The Sponsor is only responsible for distributing the prizes as outlined here. The Sponsor disclaims responsibility for any harm or loss resulting from the use or receipt of the prize

Claiming prize

Winners must provide their name, address, and email to the Sponsor within three (3) business days of notification. Failure to comply will forfeit the prize, and another winner will be chosen. Any refused, undelivered, or disqualified prize will see a new winner selected. Winners must fulfill all obligations of these Official Raffle Rules before claiming or transferring the prize.

Conditions of participation

Prize winners must submit an eligibility affidavit, a liability release, and where legally permissible, a publicity release within three (3) days of receiving the prize notification. Non-compliance or if the prize notification is returned as undeliverable will result in the prize being forfeited and a new winner selected. Winners, by accepting their prize, grant the Sponsor and its designees the right to use their details and statements about the prize or Raffle for promotional purposes without further compensation.


The Sponsor will gather entrant data in line with relevant laws. Entrants can choose to opt-out of email communication from the Sponsor or their partners; opting out won’t affect their chances of winning.

General release / Limitations of liability

By participating, entrants indemnify and release Om-Mij and its affiliates from any liability arising from the Raffle or any Raffle-related activity, including any harm or loss resulting from any prize. When prizes are given to third parties or electronically issued, the Sponsor has fulfilled its responsibility, and winners must manage their prizes. The Sponsor isn’t liable for technical or communication issues, including website or ISP problems. Entrants can’t claim damages except where required by law.

If unforeseen circumstances prevent the Raffle from proceeding as planned, the Sponsor can modify, terminate, or suspend it, selecting winners from all entries before the change. Those disrupting the Raffle or causing errors will be disqualified. The Sponsor reserves the right to correct any errors in the Raffle.

Choice of law

These Official Raffle Rules and any disputes related to or arising from them or the Raffle will be governed by the laws of Spain.