• Your sacred journey with Ayahuasca, whether a one-day, two-day, or multi-day retreat, is a personal choice deeply influenced by your spiritual intentions, healing requirements, and the depth of experiences you are called to explore.
  • One-day and two-day ceremonies in the Netherlands are lovingly orchestrated, facilitating profound healing and transformative experiences.
  • Multi-day retreats in Spain nurture a heart-centered communion with the healing plants and the group, carving a broader canvas for deeper healing and spiritual awakening.

Beloved seeker, as you stand on the threshold of a transformative journey with Ayahuasca, a potent nectar of healing from the Amazon rainforest, you may find yourself asking – should I embark on a one-day or two-day ceremony in the Netherlands, or surrender to the expansive embrace of a multi-day retreat in Spain? This blog post, tenderly crafted with spirit and love, seeks to guide you as you navigate this decision, contemplating your personal healing needs, spiritual intentions, and the depth of experiences your soul yearns to traverse.

In the heartland of the Netherlands, the OMMIJ Healing Centre, a beacon of therapeutic Ayahuasca ceremonies, lovingly conducts one-day and two-day ceremonies. The celestial potency of Ayahuasca, together with the compassionate orchestration of the ceremony, remains constant in both. However, the spectrum of experiences your soul seeks to illuminate and heal may guide your choice.

Many seekers find themselves journeying through profound healing and transformation within the sanctity of a single ceremony, gently weaving their experiences into the fabric of their everyday life afterward. For others, especially those whose paths have led them from distant lands, a two-day ceremony might resonate more, forming a more expansive canvas for their spiritual journey. Often, the Centre lovingly suggests newcomers lean towards a two-day ceremony, as experience has revealed that the deepest healing often blossoms within the embrace of two ceremonies.

For those whose hearts yearn for a more immersive dance with the divine, the multi-day retreats at the OMMIJ in Spain beckon invitingly. These retreats harmoniously blend Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies with an array of other nurturing modalities like Kambo, yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, visionary painting, and immersion in Mother Nature’s healing sanctuary. More than just facilitating holistic healing and spiritual metamorphosis, these retreats foster a heart-to-heart communion with the medicinal plants and fellow participants. This shared spiritual voyage, nourished by the extended togetherness, often births a deep, soulful connection within the group, paving the way for profound healing and spiritual depth.

In tandem with these deeply nurturing activities, the retreats infuse your journey with fresh, nutritious vegetarian meals, lovingly prepared. Ample free time is woven into your journey, allowing you to relax, share insights, and lovingly integrate your experiences.

Remember, dear one, that the decision to embark on a one-day, two-day, or multi-day Ayahuasca ceremony is a deeply personal one, illuminated by the lantern of your individual needs, aspirations, and intentions. By tuning into your heart’s call, the volume of experiences you wish to journey through, and the depth of soul connection you wish to foster, you can choose the path that aligns most harmoniously with your spirit.

This guide, illuminated with love and spirit, is a humble offering to assist you in making the best decision for your sacred journey towards healing and transformation. For a more detailed exploration of our ceremonies and retreats, please check the schedule & prices.

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