• OMMIJ, led by Founder Ramon Geurts, wins the prestigious title in the Resorts and Retreats Awards 2023 as the Best Ayahuasca Retreat.
  • Renowned for its ayahuasca and plant medicine ceremonies, OMMIJ has championed a holistic approach to healing trauma and enhancing self-connection.
  • Originating in the Netherlands and expanding its roots to Spain, OMMIJ stands tall as a beacon of spiritual awakening and transformation for tens of thousands around the globe.

When one stumbles upon the profound insights shared by LUX about OMMIJ, it becomes immediately evident that this retreat is more than just a venue—it’s a journey of profound transformation. Let’s dive into this journey that has recently earned itself a tremendous accolade, encapsulated beautifully by the words of OMMIJ:

“At OMMIJ we have dedicated our lives to guiding our participants safely and respectfully during their Ayahuasca and Plant Medicine journeys and helping them find spiritual, mental, and physical healing.”

Ayahuasca, a blend of the Psychotria viridis shrub and the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, has been recognized as a powerful tool for spiritual awakening and healing trauma. Its use dates back centuries, rooted deeply within the practices of ancient Amazonian tribes. With an understanding of this potent drink’s capabilities, OMMIJ has created a haven for those seeking healing.

Shedding light on the name, OMMIJ represents the Dutch words “om” and “mij,” which translate to “to/about” and “me.” This representation holds significance as it beautifully captures the essence of their mission – bridging the gap between one’s self and their emotions, feelings, and body. The center believes:

“Reconnecting with yourself is the essence of recovery… Becoming whole again means coming back to me.”

Founded in 2011 by Ramon Geurts, OMMIJ emerged as a pivotal center for spiritual transformation in the Netherlands. With a keen focus on Ayahuasca, they have curated retreats that integrate diverse healing modalities, including yoga, meditation, and more, creating an environment where participants feel deeply connected to their inner selves and each other.

OMMIJ’s journey over the years is nothing short of inspiring. With retreats now operating in Spain, it offers a myriad of healing experiences. These experiences have touched the lives of over 40,000 individuals from more than 76 countries. The sheer number of ayahuasca centers that have been established by those trained at OMMIJ is a testament to its impact.

Ramon’s vision for OMMIJ was always clear. He believed that the power to heal lies within each individual. Plant medicine, in his eyes, is a tool that helps unlock this intrinsic power, especially for those burdened by deep-seated trauma and pain. Through his dedication and efforts:

“We use a perfect combination of plant-based healing methods and ancient techniques such as yoga and meditation to enable our participants to find their authentic selves…”

The testimonials shared by OMMIJ’s participants, such as Suzanna Marks and Daria Norris, provide a glimpse into the transformative experiences offered by the center. Their stories resonate with many who have embarked on this journey, seeking solace, healing, and awakening.

In the words of the OMMIJ team:

“Coming to a ceremony at OMMIJ means coming home.”

Today, as OMMIJ continues to spread its wings and touch countless souls, it stands as a beacon of hope, healing, and transformation. Whether you’re someone seeking a transformative experience or an entrepreneur looking to partner with OMMIJ, the journey promises to be one of profound insight and awakening.

Explore this spiritual odyssey and allow yourself to be immersed in the magic that OMMIJ offers.

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