In short:

  • Detoxification and Nutrition: Connection with Plants: Prior to an Ayahuasca ceremony, participants are encouraged to detoxify their bodies by adhering to a plant-based diet. This diet not only helps remove toxins from our modern eating habits, but also aids in establishing a deeper connection with the spirits of plants, thus opening avenues for spiritual understanding and healing.
  • Tyramine and Dietary Restrictions: Preparing for an Ayahuasca or San Pedro ceremony also involves avoiding foods rich in tyramine, which can cause adverse reactions when combined with these substances. The list of Ayahuasca Diet restricted foods includes processed dairy products, certain types of fruits, meats, and other tyramine-rich items like chocolate and caffeine-based products.
  • Safety Guidelines for Ceremony Participation: As a part of preparing for the ceremony, participants should be aware of and comply with the “Medical and safety guidelines for the intake of ayahuasca and San Pedro (Huachuma)”. This is to ensure that the Ayahuasca experience can be a path to healing and transformation, necessitating attention to both physical health and spiritual readiness.

Detoxification and Nutrition: Opening Up to the Spirits of Plants

What is Ayahuasca Diet?

The Ayahuasca diet aligns with the well-known wisdom that “you are what you eat”. In the context of an Ayahuasca ceremony, this statement takes on a deeper meaning. Most of us are exposed to stimulating, energetically heavy, and toxic nutrients from our modern diets – food full of salt, sugar, and caffeine. By removing these toxins beforehand, it paves the way for Ayahuasca to efficiently work in our bodies.

We encourage participants to detoxify themselves by committing to a plant-based diet. This Ayahuasca Diet is designed to open you up, to help you connect with the spirits of plants, receive their teachings, develop new healing powers and visions, and reach deeper levels of spiritual understanding.

Tyramine and Nutrition: Precautions and Restrictions

It’s important to emphasize that certain foods, particularly those rich in tyramine, must be avoided in preparation for an Ayahuasca ceremony. These foods can induce adverse reactions when combined with Ayahuasca or San Pedro, such as nausea or headaches. Here is a clear list of the foods that should be avoided in preparation for an Ayahuasca or San Pedro ceremony:

List for Ayahuasca Diet

  1. Processed dairy products (such as yogurt, sour cream, and buttermilk)
  2. Aged and unpasteurized cheese
  3. Dried and fermented sausages (such as salami, cervelat, corned beef, and liver)
  4. Meat, fish and eggs that are not fresh
  5. Pickled herring and salted dried fish
  6. Meat extracts
  7. Yeast products (for example, Marmite, but bread is allowed)
  8. Sauerkraut
  9. Certain types of fruit (such as figs, bananas, pineapple, avocados, raisins, prunes, and raspberries)
  10. Peanuts and other nuts
  11. Legumes like broad beans, sugar peas, soybeans, and lentils
  12. Soy sauce
  13. LSA (Morning Glory and Baby Hawaiian Woodrose seeds)
  14. MDA-related herbs (such as calamus and nutmeg)
  15. Chocolate
  16. Products containing caffeine (such as coffee, tea, cola, energy drinks, etc.)
  17. Guarana
  18. Ginseng
  19. St. John’s Wort

Safety Guidelines: Preparation and Compliance

For those planning to participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony, it is necessary to read and approve the “Medical and safety guidelines for the intake of ayahuasca and San Pedro (Huachuma)”. Rumi, a Persian mystic and poet, once said: “The wound is the place where the light enters you.” Through careful preparation and respect for the Ayahuasca experience, our bodies can be purified, our minds can be opened, and we can ready ourselves to allow in the spiritual light that will illuminate our path to healing and transformation. As we prepare for this sacred journey, let us remember that our physical health is just as crucial as our spiritual health. By nourishing both our bodies and our spirits, we enhance our ability to fully receive the spiritual wisdom and healing that Ayahuasca has to offer.

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