A Journey of Transformation: How Ayahuasca Changed My Life

Jul 3, 2023

In this blog

  • In this blog, Mobius, a participant at OMMIJ, shares his life-changing experience with Ayahuasca and how it helped him discover the true meaning of happiness.
  • He emphasizes the necessity of respecting Ayahuasca, setting the right intentions, and the courage to confront your own ‘demons’.
  • His story is intended to encourage others who may be apprehensive to begin their own Ayahuasca journey.

The past year for Mobius, from Belgium, has been a year of transformations, largely thanks to an Ayahuasca ceremony he attended on June 8, 2018, in the Netherlands, organised by OMMIJ. He now regards that day as his ‘new birthday’, such was the transformation.

Before embarking on his Ayahuasca journey, Mobius led a life that, from external viewpoints, seemed successful and satisfying. “I worked hard, earned a lot of money, had a beautiful girlfriend,” he says. However, despite these outward signs of success, he felt internally unfulfilled. He was living from his ego, he says, and felt that something was missing.

Driven by these feelings of unfulfillment, Mobius began a personal development journey, reading books, listening to podcasts on spirituality, psychology, and self-improvement. During this journey, he came across plant medicine and specifically Ayahuasca. After much research and ignoring many signs, he could no longer ignore the call of Ayahuasca.

At OMMIJ, Mobius participated in four Ayahuasca ceremonies. His experience each time was overwhelming.

“The staff is very experienced, the guides know exactly what to do. They help you go through what you have to go through and help you grow.”

But what exactly did he learn from his experiences with Ayahuasca? “The biggest lesson for me was absolutely dissolving my ego and thinking from my true self, acting from my heart, my actual emotions,” he says. Thanks to Ayahuasca, he learned to appreciate the simple fact of being alive, instead of always looking for external validation or material things.

Mobius would like to share some tips for those considering attending an Ayahuasca ceremony. “Don’t treat it as a recreational drug. Treat it with respect. Follow the right diet, set your intentions,” he says. He also encourages people to approach any ‘demons’ or dark spots they come across during the ceremony with love. “They’re there for a lesson, to help you grow.”

Despite the possible fears and challenges, Mobius believes the experience is absolutely worth it. “If you’re still doubting about doing Ayahuasca and you’ve come this far in this story, I think we both know the answer.”

His story is a testament to the powerful, life-changing effects an Ayahuasca ceremony can have. For Mobius, it was an opportunity to discover a deeper layer of himself, dissolve his ego, and find a greater sense of fulfillment and gratitude for life. His experience can serve as an inspiration for others who may be afraid to take the same step, and remind them that facing personal challenges and confronting our ‘demons’ can sometimes be the most rewarding journey of all.

Find your true self and become free again.

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